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The focus of this year's Worship Encounter is to bring attendees into a greater awareness of the presence of God in order to have a face-face encounter that will impact their life forever.  The session leaders have been prayerfully selected and gathered together because of their knowledge, education and background in teaching and imparting Kingdom Arts.  Session focuses will be on prayer, prophetic ministry, intimacy, worship, dance, music, creativity/design.





Kimberly is the Artistic Director and Founder of Christ Center for Dance.  She is a trained dancer who has studied ballet, modern and lyrical.  She is an author, life coach and certified dance instructor.  She has a heart to teach and empower people to minister in kingdom arts and has dedicated her life to that cause.  Kimberly resides in Philadelphia with her husband, Eual  and their daughter, Elena.




Eual Phillips, a.k.a. Eual B Blessed, is a saxophonist, wind controller specialist, and ordained minstrel.  Using his electronic wind instrument and the aid of the Holy Spirit, he taps into an arsenal of instruments to imitate the sounds and frequencies of heaven during times of prophetic ministry.  In 2017, he released his debut album entitled, White Stone, which is a collection of spiritual melodies received during personal worship and dreams.  Formerly a biomedical engineer, and presently a high school chemistry teacher, Eual also studies and teaches the scientific and biblical principles that resonate across the diverse forms of worship arts.







Pastor Tony, by his own admission, is about as unorthodox a preacher as you can find. Not by his own ambition, but by God’s design. One minister, while explaining to a church why the Holy Spirit manifests himself in Pastor Tony the way He, does declared prophetically “peculiar but sound”.  Having been delivered out of a lifestyle of drugs and everything that goes along with that, Pastor Tony understands completely that our victory is in Christ. Outside of Christ, there is no victory for us, but the same old bondages we left behind.  In pursuit of staying in Christ, God miraculously filled Tony with the Holy Spirit evidenced by tongues in his living room, alone, after being saved for about 8 months. It was a feeling of empowerment that drugs were no match for.  “Be ye not drunk with wine where there is excess, but be ye filled with the spirit to excess (constantly being filled)”. This scripture has been a motivation for Pastor Tony for years as well as “Seek the Lord and Live”. In this pursuit of seeking and being filled, this hunger for the things of God has driven Tony to travel to revival hotspots throughout the world to give and receive more of the Lord.  Tony is a speaker that many say has a “breaker” anointing, able to impart a fresh anointing into any atmosphere. In 2006, God called him to bring this anointing to the east side of Wilmington, DE.




Absalom Mitchell is a lover of Jesus Christ. He is a Philadelphia native and has a passion for reaching the lost with the Gospel and equipping the saints. Absalom serves as a Youth Pastor, Worship Leader, Teacher, and in other various ministry roles. Absalom has written many songs and is the leader of the Gospel group “God’s Anointed People”. His favorite verse is “For the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea” Habakkuk 2:14. His ultimate goal is to play a part in making that passage a reality in our generation today.




E. Daniels is a pastor, worship leader, and artist whose vibrant, authentic worship draws listeners to the heart of God so that they can experience transformation in His Presence.  Authentic, fun-loving, and family-centered, Ernest Daniels Jr., known professionally as E. Daniels, has been leading worship for over 15 years and

serving in full-time ministry for over a decade. Besides his infectious personality, he is known for striving to keep God in the center of his life, loving his family, and modeling God’s love. In both artistry and ministry, he is

committed to seeking the presence of God and helping others encounter Him.




Rachel Neikirk is a visual artist and art educator from the Philadelphia area. She has taught children and adults and exhibited her artwork in several East Coast states as well as internationally. She specializes in painting on silk and sells one-of-a-kind silk scarves and flags under the banner Sister Sunrise. She is passionate about using art, dance, and verbal communication to express the beauty of God and to welcome people of all ages to explore their creative potential together.




Marguerite Anglin is a visual artist based in Philadelphia, PA. Initially trained as an architect, Marguerite realized she had a talent for art when she stepped out in faith to try painting. Inspired by the view from her window one day, and prompted by a “dare” from the Lord, she attempted to paint an image of the sun shining through a cloudy sky. That day an artist was born.


Marguerite prefers painting primarily with her fingers instead of brushes. Her work is prophetic and borders on the abstract. Marguerite creates art because she believes it has the power to heal.  As she paints, she invites God to reach through her art to touch hearts and release messages of hope. Marguerite believes that each painting carries something specific for the viewer to receive, whether healing, freedom, grace, courage, love, or truth.


Marguerite also has a passion to unlock creativity in others and help people find what inspires them. She hosts workshops and social painting events that encourage participants to return to their first love.

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